Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Cull the Sheep

It was that time of year again where we culled our sheep, tagging and putting the rubberbands around ummm lets say private parts of the male :)
Dad and Tom are above in picture with one of our rams. For two days they just lay down as much as possible, poor things. We do it so they can't mate and also it gives a better taste to the meat.
My dad took a fall that day but luckily the sheep broke his fall so he fell on a fluffy sheep then rolled off of him. It was sort of funny watching it I wished I had a video camera at the time it sort of happened slow motion and I keptt saying, "Dad let go!" but my dad still on the ground said, No I got it!, I got it! holding on to the lamb hehe ---No animal or father was hurt making this scene :)
Not much going on its been cool here the last two days with storms trying to come in but they wont even spit at us. Another sheep died out in the field, something is getting them at night. We put them in the orchard for now. Hopefully that will help.
Tom spent a few nights all night outside but what ever it was never came to attack. My neighbors are having trouble too and got some of theirs killed. I am thinking its a cougar or big bob cat or even a big wild dog. There is no wholes in our fence so its jumping a 4ft fence.
Well got to go take shower and get ready for bed.

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