Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another long day

This cloud was a while back and our last hint of rain...sigh....
We picked up the girls today from camp, the mother of my daughters friend and I went in her car to pick them up and boy was it hot.

Recently I bought a thermos from Walgreens. I love it, I bought it for $12 its thin and keeps water cold for hours even when left in the car in the sun. I have decided to buy 3 more slowly when I have the money.

Speaking of money I have been really depressed lately with not having enough to buy the stuff I need. I am blessed we bought the corn while we did at $7 for 50lb bag because in two weeks it went to $8.90. I am worried about the feed for the turkeys that are coming in early in the morning tomorrow. We calculated the price of turkeys based on feed, but if it goes up we will get a loss.

We just don't have the money right now to buy excess like we did with the corn...worry ,,...worry. I need to rebudget my own budget for my household account to see where I can cut or sale something. I did to really hit the coupons. The only thing is selling right now is my eggs and my husband wants me to raise my prices sigh.....I am scared I will lose my customers. I tried so hard to keep it low the price for eggs but the feed keeps going up.

We also need to redo our whole budget as a whole. I need more for grocerys it keeps going up on food.

Well enough worry for tonight need to sleep another long day tomorrow. Tommy takes his test "Crosses fingers" I hope he passes.


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