Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Strawberry Jams

I made my first jams today, it was pretty easy I opened one up the next day pretty tasty I was worried about putting in too much honey that it would overwhelm the strawberrys but as I cooked it the taste of honey went away more. I had 4 basket full of strawberrys about 9 cups. I added fresh apples from our own apple tree, and our own honey. I also added some lemon juice.
I figured with not the cost of the jars it was $1.00 a jar to make. I will try it with toast tomorrow to see how well it came out and most important to see how my Tommy likes it. I made it for him mostly. Tired of the jellys at the stores that has so many perservatives in it.

The book up top is the cookbook I used. Hubby actually got it for us, it has small recipes in it for small amount of canning, I like it a lot so far.

Well today was a good day, we got an another inch of rain which means total in the last three days we got 1 1/2 inches of rain yah! The chicks of course got wet the ones that ventured outside but they were ok. I had a heck of a time getting them into the coop tonight they were so lost. I hope the hawks stay away.

Earlier we took Tommy to his swim lesson, Tom went with us I was very pleased to see him take part of our daily routine. I got a hold of a riding instructor in a town near us. Not sure on the ride up there but she is offering english riding lesson. I would like my daughter to take it again, she really loves horses.

We will see on the lessons she heads off to camp next week, so we have to get her stuff ready for it plus buy her a new bathing suit amoung other stuff...money money...

Hubby goes back to work tomorrow he had a nice 5 day vacation. He's big boss CEO is asking maybe because of the gas prices of people willing to work from home. We are excited about this, it will be adjustment hahaha but it will be good on gas. Tom is going to hint again that he would volunteer for the new project on working from home. "Cross fingers"

We had gotten a booster for our attenena and it works great for our computer now the speed is really fast, of course my computer is the same but we are trying to figure out a way to hook mine up during the day when Tom is not using it. I will miss my dining room though this is where I currently have it. I guess I like it cause its the hub of the house smack in the middle I can see and know all :)

Well I have to wash dishes and take a shower still, tomorrow is egg/milk run so it wil be busy. Dad is taking Tommy to his swimming lesson so he wont miss it while Randy and I deliver eggs. I am debating on making Randy go with them to help.

Got to run


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