Sunday, July 6, 2008

Garden update July 6

Ok so if you really look from the last time I posted my green beans have gotten thicker. Lots of flowering on them but no green beans yet. I am not sure when to pick the cucumbers the last time I did it was too early.

No more rain today but it kept pretty cool outside. I put the last of my chicks with my chickens today I had a total of 73 chicks, Somehow I am missing 8 of them. One of them heads was bleeding I guess he was getting picked on so I put him in one of the rabbit cages and put some no pick lotion on him. I will give him a few days to let it scab over then put him back with the others.

I will have to keep watch over them they don't want to leave the big coop just yet.

We went to dairyqueen today my family and my dad to go get some icecream after dinner then we picked up some videos it was a nice outing out with the family. Love dairyqueen. The HEB here is trying to buy them out so they can build a super HEB. I hope they don't buy them out because I will miss Dairy Queen.

I take my son back to swimming lessons again starting tomorrow I hope he learns even more on how to swim he is taking to it a lot more then my daughter did he's age. Not much more going on I am hoping to make some strawberry jam tomorrow. Hubby is home again tomorrow its a 5 day vacation for him he sure does need it.


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