Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dad with the crawdad

Its hard to see but I was walking to my car one day and saw this crawdad staring back at me and boy was he mad kept trying to pinch me. It was too cute. My dad the expert of course picked him up put him in that thing above then dropped him off at the canal. Too bad a few more of these we could have had a nice meal hahaha

There has been teenage boys the last few days at the canal I imagine that is what they are trying to find in those muddy water. Well just a few more days left for my sons swimming class, and tomorrow I go pick up my daughter from camp. I know she wished it would have been a bit longer. I hope she had a good time.

I pulled some cucumbers from my garden I am finding out a lot of things hide from me lol I didnt even know they were done. Its been really hot over here but not that hot where I am hating it already. I am going to advertise for our lamb in our homeschool group newsletter in San Antonio but I missed the deadline for this month. I need to sell 13more sheep, I am sure the older customers might want some more. I am at loss where to sell them now. I love the advertising side of this I did this really well in College when I took a class in it I made a "A"

There was always a waiting time for the lambs but now this year we had more then are current customers needed so we need to find a way to reach the newer ones. Our turkeys are on there way too. So far I have only sold 4 out of 30. Feed keeps going up I hate that because then the cost of our product has to go up.

Well its late I need to sleep

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