Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we got together two of my sisters, my dad and my own family to have a lunch/dinner. It has been one year today since my mother passed away. It was sad but nice at the same time to be with family and laugh and talk about my wonderful mother. I miss her so much still.
Mary my sister made this pork rib/pototoe dinner and I made the salad, Becky paid for it all. Above is the tomotoes I used from my dads and my garden, they were so good.
Tommy passed his swimming level 1 test with the Red Cross. We are so proud of him I enrolled him right away into the 2 level class. What did I get myself into! hehe Got to be there at 10:30 for two weeks again....sigh.....I want him to be a good swimmer. I had a dream once that he drowned in a friends pool so this is really important to me too. I can still feel the heart ache from that dream still. He loves it. I wouldnt push him if he didnt like the class.
We have had two sheep die on us. Something is killing them. Tom is going out tonight to sit out there for a bit. Bobo was out in the field this morning we are thinking it was either him or something that killed the sheep then Bobo went after them. My neighbors had their sheep killed and I know Bobo can't get into their place so Bobo is still not the top suspect.
Well not much more today, its really late and we have to cull the sheep tomorrow.

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