Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flowering Vegtable Plants

Okra, squash and green bean blooms

Today just before it got dark I finally had a chance to go look at my garden. I was surprised to not only see my green beans blooming but also little okra already growing and some yellow squash.

Happily I pulled weeds around the garden not minding at all that I was dripping sweat from the humity ugg... it wasnt that bad the heat just very humid. Today I ordered 30 -50lb bags of corn for future use of my animals. Dang if we had the money we should have bought it when it was $5 a bag now its $7.00 just down the road at another feed store it was $8.50.

Tom said that he heard that it will continue going up and that they might even put it on rashion not sure if I spelled that right. I priced out some other stuff too like milo.

I saw some La manchas babys for sale last night and I wrote the person but havent heard from them yet.

Well I am tired not much more to report its been a long day.


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