Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My baby La Mancha Kids

Yes I am a grandmother again, thank you thank you :)

Barrels finally had her babys she had a baby boy first the white and brown one drinking milk already then a few min later Dixie the black and white all covered in after birth still was born. She looks just like her monster father hahaha poor baby hopefully she won't be like him.

I am hoping to trade the girl maybe but I want to keep the boy because I can breed it with the mother but not the sister and boys are harder to find that wont come with previous behavior problems like their father had.

I would need to get the boy young for him not to have those behavior problems.

Good news day also is I found a A-Z grant class I can take via internet locally here. Infact if I like it there is more advance classes I can take on it. I have a business plan in mind for our farm and I would like to find some grants to make a go out of it, not loans, but grants.

Even if my business plan dosent work it will be good experience for me for my library skills if I want to go back and work in a library. I am hoping as Tommy gets older I can start to volunteer more at our local libraries and these skills will come in handy.

Also for good news I finished up my ebook finally! Well at least I finished the rough draft of the rough draft that had followed the rough draft hahaha now its just making it look prettier and get my editor to look it over for me. I am also in the look out for a good graphic artist for my book, they say that the cover is very important and I believe that because I buy books based on covers for romance novels hahaha

Well its a good day and the sun is finally going down a bit I need to make dinner right now meat loaf and do my chores.

Ta ta

Sam :) happy happy happy

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