Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farm Trip

Ok so blogger is acting really wierd. On my last post I couldnt get any indents to my writing thats why its all wierd hopefully this one is going to be better.

Long day today, it was my godsons birthday so I really wanted to get him a present which meant driving into San Antonio which meant I didnt get the stuff I wanted done here, but I got hugs from all the kids it was worth it.

Above is my dad with my daughter Miranda behind them is some swimming cows and pigs hahaha. Its at the farm we visited last weekend near Temple. The pig was on a mission, these kids were chasing her piglets and the mom was taking a short cut to get to her piglets before the kids could. Gosh I really dislike people who let their kids run wild and not watch them on farms. I am surprised the pig didnt gore them. Stupid parents.

These kids were also on this little pier in the pond and this thing looked like it was about to fall down any minutue. Where were the parents? I have no idea who belonged too who, probably trying to sit in the shade. I told hubby now I know whey we don't have many farm days, but thank goodness for all the fencing around our place keeps people from trampling all over when picking up the turkeys.

Well I need to wash dishes and I am soooo dehydrated.

Good evening


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