Monday, June 2, 2008

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

I have been listening to his Sunday Sermons on tv a lot and find them very encouraging. I have found out that the people that do not like him is because they say he is too encouraging that he dosen't say enough about hell and damination and is too eager, too happy, to inspiring.

Can there be such thing as too happy? Can there be too much encouraging? He does encourage everyone to go to a good bible base church. Every time I listen to him I have a tear in my eye, and I am so inspired on what he says its soooo encouraging I just want to hug him.

He's advice is wonderful. Tonight he says I need to have a goal I have been really frustrated recently so this advice is golden to me. I have had goals before thats how we got out of debt but I told hubby the other day that we need to get back on our budget and rework it for other goals. Especially with the gas prices going up its something we really need to do.

Since Tommy hasnt had any speech classes the last few weeks I am sort of lost on what to do on these days off that we used to go into SA. I know longer need to go and its been nice just staying home. I should be catching up on chores but instead I have been catching up on reading and watching movies :) ahhh well this week I do not have that luxury anymore I really need to get moving on goals.

I really need to make some more money too. Something I can do online or on the farm. I know some people think, "Wow the things I can do to make money on a farm" well sure there is lots of things but it cost money to start it.

I don't know I really need to think about it. I am going to do some research right now.

Sam signing off....

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