Saturday, June 7, 2008

My babies! La Manacha babys

They finally ventured out into the big outdoors. They are so cute I can't help picking them up all the time and kissing them hahaha.

The black and white is the girl Dixie or Diamond not sure on her name yet.
Dixon is the boy brown and white.

I just can't wait to increase my heard I really wish I could get some more female babys even if I have to bottle feed them. La Mancha are really hard to find and if you do find them you find them bred to something else more likely a nubian.

We just got back from a farm day tour my hubby Tom, kids and my dad, it was ok, nothing new that we didnt already know, it was fun we stopped at a b-q place "Salt Lick" wow talk about being crowded. I was so hungry and my heart fell seeing so many cars and buses there. There was even local police helping people about popular but within 5min we were called. We had just gotten some home made lemondade from the girls making it outside, then we were seated. The food was also out in 5min min talk about service! Wow and the food was great!!! A must to see if your near the Austin area. They had a band playing too that night, but talk about getting lost, its out in the boonies and there is no signs anywhere advertising it.

Got to goooo I am sooooo tired and sleepy and car sick right now I need a shower and visine for my eyes they burn. It was partly cloudy today but brutaly hot later around 3pm. Nice country out that way towards Temple Texas but not sure I would like to live there.

This got me really motivated about our sheep cheese someday. There is a dairy farm up in Dallas that I would like to go see. I am going to talk to hubby about it another day. Got to go to church tomorrow so I really need to sign off.


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