Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden update June 23, 2008

Just wanted to update my garden today the green beans have reached the top and are falling over the other side now looking really good still. The other picture is of my pototoes, its a good thing I read that when they start to die on top they are nearly done otherwise I would have thought they were dieing hahaha. I need more tomotoe stakes I am going to Hondo this week so I can pick me up some if they still got them.

Been a great week can't complain. Family, my farm animals doing ok even in this 90 degree heat but I am not complaining when other people temps are higher or flooding. We are blessed.

Tommy might be sick he is moaning in his sleep I gave him some cough cold meds. He was in his pool all day I told him not to drink the water from the pool but since he was a toddler will he listen? sigh....we still have a week of his swimming lessons left I hope it blows over tonight but I doubt it.

Not being motivated this week I really need to pull myself together to do things around the house its getting messy again. If I can keep the living room/kitchen and dining room clean I am happy. The bathroom needs big time cleaning.

Well the VBS is not happening at our church and when I found another one close in San Antonio its happening at night! Whats with these night classes? Don't they realize the kids need to get to bed early. I am a bit disapointed but in a way its a blessing so we wont be so booked up this week with milk/egg run one two dentist appt and now a doc appt if Tommy dont get well its going to be a rushed busy week.



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