Sunday, May 25, 2008

My New Garden Hat

It took me awhile to find me a garden hat. I picked this up at Walmart last week. I liked it because it was already all bent. You can't see it much but there is a pin on top that says "Sam" my sister Marta made it with beads. Tom has a hat similar but he's floats he says hahaha
Well I pulled my first radish today it was ready to pick I was so excited I ate it before I could take a picture of it haha. We had a bq at our church today it was soooooo hot I tried to stay in the church as much as possible. Tomorrow we go back to church again and we will probably eat there again because there was so much food left we decided to do that again.
The girls were walking in the pecan orchard today when they saw a snake curled up, my daughters friend started poking it and it moved so they told us about it. Hubby went to go shoot it when he did he missed the first time and it struck out at him missing and striking itself. I have never seen that before.
We put it over the fence belly up "old wise tale that it will make it rain now" :) Hey don't laugh we can use all the help we can get. Daughter and friend have a new rule now. If you see a snake you DONT poke it sigh........
Well its late I need to get to bed.

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