Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to the Apple Seed Project near Temple Texas

Hubby and Miranda were at the Apple Seed project for two nights and had a blast. They brought me the targets they shot at and we were both very impressed with Miranda's shots. Hubby said she did just as well as the other full grown men there. They said she was a trooper not ever complaining and following instructions even through thatat 100' weather they had that day.
The instructors even told her if she improved some more to make the 220 they would love for her to become a female instructor. Hubby couldnt say enough good stuff about the instructors there he said they were very patient with all of them and never raised their voices.
It was fun and very educational talking about not only the revolution war but also the Texas revolution war. They have another one in June but we will be very busy during that month so I think the next might be in November but that might be the instructor one I will have to find out when the next apple project will be.
Hubby said he learned more there in those two days of instruction then he learned while being in the army. Some of the guys there that had taken $3000 gun instructions seminars said they learned a lot more that day then during that instruction that they paid for isnt that a hoot.

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