Friday, May 23, 2008

Sheep in playground

No the sheep didnt sneak it I let them in our back yard so they could eat the grass and weeds back there. Is it a ploy for me not to mow the grass? Maybe :)

Problem was where I took the picture right behind me is some of my elephant ear plants and boy did that look tasty to them. I had to sit there and guard my plants from them. Especially my goat barrels if you look at the second picture you will see her standing there waiting for me to blink or nod off to sleep so she could sneak in.

Later on today she escaped to the front yard and ate one of my rose bushes..sigh..told her she can't come in with the sheep anymore she has been banned. She is suppose to have her baby any day now I am hoping she pops soon I want to know what she has.

I am really excited today I got in a touch with a nice lady from Sequin who occasionally has cows to sale. Hopefully when the time comes I will be able to get one from her. Sequin is not too far from us. Its the closet I have seen for ages someone selling a cow :)

Got to go its humid today and it has made me really tired.


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