Monday, May 5, 2008

Late-Spring Cleaning

Two full size garbage bags, one donation bag later my sons room is finally clean. It took most the day to to it. I was going to take a before picture but I was too embarrased, you couldnt even walk in the room it was that bad. Above he is playing with his army men he has been really happy. He helped me the whole time I was cleaning most the day, till the last hour I let him go watch tv for a bit so he can get out of the way while I did the finish touches to his room.
I decided awhile back that I needed a week to clean the house I kept saying that till my husband finally said why dont you? So I canceled all appointments and made sure it was not on a milk/egg/veggie run week and decided to do it.
My sister is staying in town baby sitting her grandkids so she was not here to distract me otherwise I would be going next door a lot to take breaks. I decided on my sons room first for two reasons, one because it is the messier room of the house but also because it will keep him busy playing in the room (its like christmas for him finding toys all together, hasnt seen for awhile) so I can tackle the rest of the house.
Tomorrow I might have to pick up the chicks early in the morning I am hoping they wont come till Wed morning. I also have to do a few errands getting some more cleaning supplies and stopping by to get some feed for my chickens, hopefully it wont take me that long to do that.
I think I will do the living room and the dining room for my next project, besides picking up I plan to rearrange the living room a bit. I have no idea what I am going to do maybe it will come to me tonight.
I am really tired right now, my throat hurts I think from all the dust from today. I will go to bed early tonight. I have to put out the trash and I didnt do it tonight because it looked like it might rain.

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