Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chicks are here! all 100 of them!

The Postmaster here called us at 5:45 am this morning to let us know the chicks were in already. I rolled over in the bed and said to my husband, "I am a mommy again" hahaha

I guess they called early because they don't want the chirping all morning long at the post office. My husband went to go pick them up which I was so thankful for because I have been driving every single day since I took the week off. Having to drive all over slows me down on my spring cleaning.

Anyways I got the daughter up and turned on all the lights outside because it was still dark and we prepared for the chicks arrival getting water, newspaper and the feed. We turned on the lights last night in the chick brooder to make sure the temp was at 100'

When hubby came back we took one at a time and gave them water and showed them where the food was and set them free to roam in the brooder. This was the second time that we didnt have any squished chicks they all survived including the 5 extra they put in the box.

The first week is going to be crucial to see who is going to survive or not. My friend who had ordered the 25 chicks is not going to be here so I have to take care of them for a week till they get back from the coast, I have to chick sit hehe

I am sad about this because they dont get the experience for taking care of them and seeing them so small within a week they will be a lot larger. The good thing about this is that I will get them stronger before they go with their new owners so they will have a better chance of surving when little kids pick them up so much.

I let them order them with me because its cheaper in the long run for both of us and they didnt have the knowledge yet on what kinds to get, I got straight run sex links. They are all female chicks and this breed will start laying a lot earlier then any other breed plus they were born to be pasture raised chickens. Its a favorite of my Pasture Poultry yahoo group. By the way did I mention I became owner of my Pasture Poultry group? It has over 2500 members from all over the world and I have been moderating it for over a year now, The owner passed it on over to me she was busy with other projects.

Anyways by the time we finished with the chicks the sun had risen a bit, its a bit cloudy outside still so no real sun yet. I went to go let my chickens go at the coop and feed the goat while hubby went to take a shower and daughter went back to bed.

Tommy my son slept through the whole thing but he was up and about for breakfast this morning. It was a real treat to drink coffee with hubby this morning and talk a bit. I like these times.

I am going to rest up a bit before I tackle any more stuff today.


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Chuy said...

Great job Sam. Lokks like you enjoy it.