Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Veggie Coop

I have joined another Veggie coop. I am not sure if I am keeping both or dropping one. This one seems to be a lot closer and a lot better because its a local farm that does not spray their veggies. However its not a lot of stuff and its $5.00 more then the other group. I like the goodies I get on the other group its things we use.

This last week I got beets. I am not sure what to do with them. We don't usually eat beets. Before I could think what to do with them I left them out too long...sigh..I am sure its not going to be the last time we get beets.
We got a lot of young cumcumbers so I peeled them and cut them up in slices and put lemon and salt boy where they yummy! So far I can afford it and with the prices going up at the grocery store I guess I am glad to even get it especially locally.
I did find out that they will take kids to help work the farm for a field trip. I am thinking we can do a co-op class next semester on square foot gardening and gardening in general I am excited. I would have it early in the morning so that the kids can work at the farm for awhile before classes on Monday.

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