Friday, April 11, 2008

Square foot gardening

Ok so just above you see Tom my hubby putting in the cattle panels in the middle of our garden so the hanging crops can climb. The top picture is my attempt to try to do a little square foot gardening of course its 1 foot wide but across its going to be a bit more so I am dividing that too for the hanging crops.
The first day after we had done all this our dog decided it was a nice cool place to lay down in so we had to scold him about that, then the next day today I see what looks like cats digging in it. I told hubby in an email that we need to get some sort of netting otherwise any seeds I plant are going to be wasted.
Tom at this moment is telling me to search for floating covers. It looks hot to me I was hoping on just some netting. I am waiting for his reply on it. Each week that we wait it gets hotter and hotter here in South Texas.
For reference I use "All new square foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew-We have his older version book somplace in our house so we decided to buy the newer one. Everything he says in it makes sense about wasted space. I highly recommend his book.

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