Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toasty Warm

Quote for the day: Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Roger Caras
Well the last few night's it got really cold out here, and BoBo our dog hates to be locked up in shed with the heat lamp. He wants to be on our front porch even if it means to freeze his little buns off.
Sooooo for his early Christmas present I bought him a soft bed and my dad put the heating lamp on our porch and he has been happy as lark since then. He has destroyed his last 3 beds he had but that was when he was a puppy. I caught him yesterday trying to drag it out and scolded him he drooped his head and hasnt touched it anymore other then lay in it like tonight.
We dont keep him in the house because he is an outdoor dog. He guards us that is his duty on the farm to guard at night then the rest of the day he sleeps :) He is a good dog our BoBo. He is a black mouth Cur if you dont know what that is its "Old Yeller" from the movie that breed.
No Old Yeller was not a golden lab he was a black mouth Cur
Well today was a busy day as usual. We were late for everything but seemed to schedule it all in and it didnt bother us. We went to the gym where Tommy played, I worked out and Miranda did her Tai Chi. Afterwards we dropped off tamales to my friend Christine and her mom who met us at the gym, then we went to Tommys speech appt.
We ate lunch late but that was ok because the lunch crowd was gone then we went to dollar tree where I got a few stuff for Christmas then we went to Walmart and spent at least an hour there :) we just love our Walmart. I let a woman who seemed in a hurry get in front of us in line, she looked so stressed and I was in such a good mood. She thanked me three times haha.
Got home just in time for chores and dinner. Dad is by himself tonight my sister spent the night at another sisters house. He is getting used to being by himself I think a little. Today was a good day for him he picked and peeled pecans. Tomorrow we will be home with him and the Thursday go to Sabinal to visit some aunts I think. It will be good to visit.

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