Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coke Cola Brownies

Quote for the day: "Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso."(Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick) -Proverb Anon
Yah thats my moms Coka Cola brownies yum. Yes you make it with good old coke/Soda. No I can't give anyone the recipe sorry sisters would beat me with a stick hahaha I have seen some versions of it on the web but nothing like my moms recipe.
I still remember fond memorys of my mom making for me for our football games. When I was a Junior in highschool we had to make something to contribute to the food stand. My mom would make these, they would sale it at the start for like 50cents but then they found out it was so good they would raise the price to a dollar! haha now that was a lot in the 80's
I have been enjoying my time making my moms recipes this year. I also made her sugar coated pecans. I am running out now so only have enough for baking and I am saving a bag or two for later on in the year when I may need them.
Not much more going on I am in washing dishes hell right now :( you know how it goes the never ending dishes they wont stop coming. Even with a new dishwasher there are sooo many pans especially when you bake, plus my husband does juicing every morning and I have to clean that darn juicer still sigh...oh well at least I got to come on here for a bit to check my emails and such.
Not sure if I am going to Sabinal in morning or not I suppose to make cookies still but its already 12am and I am sooo tired.

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