Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tamale time

So it was Tamale time this year once again we ended up making around 42 doz , this was not a lot compared from previous years of around 80 doz plus. My niece and her boyfriend came on down to help along with my sisterinlaw and my friend Christine and her mother.

It was a bit scary making the tamales this year without my mother, but I am sure she would have been proud of us they came out pretty good and I am sure her guidance was with us all day long.

I have advanced from my masa spreading days, I was now in charge of getting the corn stalks and cleaning them this year and also putting in the meat. My niece also advanced from spreading the masa to the meat. Its a funny thing about us being advanced to another station in the tamale chain gang hehe

I am really tired today so this will be brief it’s been a long day and I am taking a break on cleaning to type this blog. We are almost done with all our activity’s for the month. I would like to go to my home town to deliver some tamales next week but it will be depend on how I am feeling. I would like to visit some of my older aunts who get really lonely during this time. Tomorrow Tom and the kids will go out and pick a Christmas tree it’s there thing they do together.

I am hoping my sister watch the kids next Saturday so I can go to the movies with Tom and do a little last min Christmas shopping. Of course my daughter can watch Tommy and we can do this in the morning but its nice to know if my sister is home along with my dad incase my kids need anything.

That’s about it for tonight. I sure miss my mom today.

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