Thursday, December 13, 2007

First day of my new Blog

Quote for the day: There is nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. -Erma Bombeck

Merry Christmas everyone. I am really excited about getting this started, I used to be on diaryland and while that was nice it didnt have these wonderful features that blogger has in its blogger.

I used to be on homeschool blogger too but I just didnt have homeschool stuff all the time to write about and I didnt feel I could write about other stuff on it. I know I could have but I felt guilty about it.

On here I will write about Homeschool stuff, Frugal stuff, and Farm and family life. I was happy to be able to call it Frugalcountrymom after my own website. I am trying to get it all combined but it will take me time.

This is the quiet time of our farm right now. Chicks are all young chickens now and are starting to lay tiny eggs. Hopefully soon they will be laying in the spring more eggs. My customers are eager for that especially since they have really stopped laying.

The last of the pecans are falling from the trees not much of a crop this year but enough to make the cookies. Sheep are ok all pregnant and ready to pop at our first cold front with rain, of course they have to wait for the ugliest day to deliver babys hahaha.

We have gone to one Christmas party, One Christmas Ball with my husbands company, "Chicago" the band was there those boys can sure ROCK! even for their age they played for over an hour and half WOW. We have did a Christmas cookie bake with our COOP and donated the cookies we made to the diasabled veterans hospital and their familys. They had just made a new facility here in San Antonio recently. Its to accomadate their familys too. I have noticed a increase of more soldiers here in SA from the war. I read an article once they are retiring here because of the facility being close and the cost of living being really good for them along with the climate.

They even have a program here that if they find a house they will come in for free and make it so that its suitable for wheel chair and bars and such. Great program. They told one solider find the house you want and dont worry about it we will fix it for you.

This weekend is our annual tamale time making. My husband will be doing it all himself for the first time. My mother was always in charge before. She had trained my husband for years to take over and now he is, he even admits he is nervous but really wants to do this in her honor.

I am going to really miss my mom during this time and especially my sisters who are not helping this year because of the memorys, they said maybe next year. I dont push it but I am really going to miss them this year. We have a lot of friends coming over to make it with us. Someday I hope to have our commerical kitchen to do it in sigh...

My car is back in the shop again, luckily we get our Christmas bonus to help pay off the labor charge on it. I love my mini van but boy it sure is a lemon. This year again we did a Christmas budget we didnt put nothing on the credit card. We still have $7000 left to pay off our tractor then we will be debt free. Its been difficult because my dishwasher was down for over a year and I asked for that for Christmas plus my Dryer went down so I asked for that too.

Things happen but at least we were able to pay cash for all that such a blessing. Our roof was recently fixed too, now we just got to fix the inside bathroom roof. The insurance thank goodness paid for that. Well thats about it for now on update on our family. Check back soon I will update some more as I get this blogger to my standards hehe.

Thanks for the read


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