Monday, December 31, 2007

My Bread Machine

Quote for the day: The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water is indescribable in its evocations of innocence and delight. -M. F. K. Fisher
Here is my bread machine. Notice how I don't say my "New Bread Machine" I bought this little beauty this week while I was flea marketing with my sister Marta. The lady was selling it for a friend for $8.00. I talked her down to $5.00. She said she only used it twice. Looks like it to me but its a really old model a welbelt.

We turned it on to see if it would turn on, it did and it started turning the blade. I was happy took it home and cleaned it up. That night I made some wheat bread, it came out ok. I forgot that I should put warm water into the mix not cold to activate the yeast so it didnt rise very much.

Its been so long I forgot how to do breads. Today I went out and bought flour of all kinds. I am so excited. I am still going to get a brand new bread maker because I wouldnt leave this one alone for a long length of time. It does not have a time delay either. There is nothing like waking up to your automatic coffee maker and bread maker in the morning turning on by itself making fresh coffee and fresh bread at exactly the time you want it to be done.

Call us spoiled but its like having a private cook! I tried to order the bread maker at Walmart but they are out of stock darn them. So I have to wait meanwhile I will have fun with this old model even though it groans like its in pain it will still make me tons of bread and I have a old recipe book that came with it. I wouldnt have bought it without it, though I could have looked on line for it, I didnt want to bother.

I think I did a good frugal deal. If you find one make sure it has a recipe/instructions manual or unless you know where to get it at then you can buy it. Make sure you turn it on and see if the blade will move and it will get warm is my advice.

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