Thursday, February 21, 2008

WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!! $29,721.22 out of debt

Gosh what can I say but FREEDOM!!!!!! We have been waiting for this day for soooo long and I actually feel numb about it, more like in shock hahaha I look back now and think oh my gosh I couldnt even afford a can of soda to drink two years ago. I remember the day I went into the grocery store with $20 in my purse wondering how the heck I was going to feed my family all week long.

Two years ago finding those childrens books changed our lifes. Being a library Tech for years I found these books that I knew were classics at a flea market. I ended up selling them on EBAY for a large sum with that money I bought my husband a satalite radio for Christmas that he could listen to his long drive to work each day. One day he listened to Dave Ramsey a talk show host on getting out of debt, he asked me to listen to him too. We were hooked. We got two of his books and just looked at each other, Could we do this? Wasnt it the norm to have car payments? Credit cards? To be part of the "We want it NOW generation"

We had a great house on 75 acres but no money to improve it and we were up to our necks in a mortgage we could barily afford. Dave helped us realize we could let go of it. It was just material. I am glad we did because we found a smaller place but better I think.

We were able to let my parents live with us in the little cottage on the property. I remember when I first saw this place I fell in love. Sitting outside in the pecan orchard I know I had come home. We went from paying $1200 a month to $600 a month.

We fixed up are old cars instead of buying a new one. We listened to him especially on the days we were barily hanging on. Especially those days when my sisters went out shopping just for fun, or my family kept urging me to buy a new sofa and put it on credit because my old one sung down because springs were broke.

There were days where I cried because I didnt think my husband understood my spending needs. We must have set down dozens of times to readust our budget.

We now can look to a bright future.
We are now wiser

I love that I can take care of my dad but I don't want my kids to take care of me someday they shouldnt have too.

A new day is dawning

check out blog on how we got started if you want full version


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