Saturday, February 9, 2008

Its Cookie Time!

I was on my way home yesterday and turned at one highway and I happened to glance over at the small town bank where they are doing major construction and there was a lone girl scout selling cookies. The cookie in the middle is my favorite I love the mint too.
I ate a lot I shouldnt have but before I could finish off more I took it over to my dads and sister to eat hahaha. I love that the cookies are fresh unlike the ones they give us at Camp during the summer blaaaaa.
Well today is Saturday and I want to go outside soooo bad but I have so much to clean in my house so I turned on the HGTV and I am trying to get motivated. Tom and I went over are finances yesterday. He got his yearly review which determines what we will get for a bonus. He got his 100% so that means at the end of Feb we should have enough to pay off our tractor for sure I am sooooooo excited.
The next step is baby step 3 where we save 3-6 months of emergency fund. Baby step 4 is putting more into our retirement fund , reviewing our home insurance, and life insurance to up it. We decided to save up for 3 months for now then we start to save up for our trip to Alaska. Little by little we will add to the emergency fund to get it up to 6 months.
I was worried about our retirement money that we already had in the bank the other day because it was doing so bad in stocks, but hubby said he had taken it out before the market went down and had put them in a mutal fund till he could get to it and rearrange it. Luckily thats when the market went down so when he did put it back but he bought the stocks cheaper. We know eventually it will go up it always did. I still remember the money we lost during 9-11 but at the end of the year we didnt make any but we came out ok.
I have gotten a ledger for my chickens I am determine to keep better track this year with selling and buying food for them. Later on that...
Have a great weekend

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