Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chicken Coop Door

Update: I have been getting a lot of hits for this page because people are looking for those automatic door openers. So not to disapoint them the only place I have seen them is this place Who ever can make a timer chicken door in the United States you will make a killing selling them. So let me know if you come up with one and I will let you advertise it in my Pasture Poultry group. :) I may even buy one from you!


This is my chicken Coops new door I am soooo happy my chickens are happy too because they started to lay like crazy they like the darkness like they are hiding some to lay the eggs. Yes I know in most chicken outfits they put light on them to lay more, but my chickens are not locked up in the coop they go out and are in sunlight most of the day.

Everything is soooo dry right now you can tell by my coop area. I need to move it soon but to what? I dont know its just dry grass. I was hoping for some rain the last two days but only got a mouthful so sad.

No co-op this week yah! for me, kids are sad though. At least tonight I have time to write this otherwise I wouldnt tryng to get the egg/milk order in and doing co-op stuff too. I would have been exhausted.

Kitchen is still a mess I have been trying to keep it clean from dishes and cleaning my eggs but we have stuff scattered everywhere since they came in to repair the damage the dishwasher did. They are suppose to come from Best buy by Wed I just want them done and over with, the only good thing about this is I got a deeper new sink for my kitchen :)

Well speaking of dishes I need to do mine, change laundry, take a shower and head for bed its been a long day.


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