Friday, June 4, 2010

This was funny its my neighbors house, looks like the cow was delivering mail. Cow express?

Well we had some really high winds through here recently over 70'miles. We fared pretty good. We were on our way from picking up bricks from someone I got thru the craigs list. Its a good thing we had all that weight in the truck it kept the truck steady.

Check out my garden blog later I will have pictures of the bricks and what we will be doing with it. Our neighbor across the street lost her electricty that night. It was around 2am when i saw the CPS trucks around to fix it, by morning she had it back. I cant say the same for people in took longer for them I wonder why?

Sheep have been eating the fallen leaves like crazy. At least they are not hungry! We recently took 15 sheep to the butcher. We told them to ground it all up, would be easier to sell this way. Next time I am thinking of them doing chops and ground meat. We should be taking another load in by fall or winter..Need to do it b4 hunting season hits.

This is going to help our field a lot having 15 sheep less in our field so the grass can grow. We want to have eventually have only two rams and 20 sheep. We have been working on our garden a lot, we have to do it early in the morning or late at night cuz the heat has been brutal. I think I am going to lose my tomatoes if I dont find some kind of shade for them soon.

Trying to slowly clean up the house, I just havent been motivated but I really need to do it soon, company will be coming over in July so need to really do this, I have been concentrating more outside.

Well thats about the only update now. Need to update my garden blog.


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