Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shearing time

So we emailed someone on the craigslist that said they sheared. We were really excited because we havent been able to find anyone since we got Remulus. We tried to do it ourselfs but it was really hard, and we just didnt have the equipment to do it properly.

The person emailed us said they would be here in two weeks, it would cost $15 to shear and $20 to travel to our area...we were more then willing to pay. The day comes for the person to show up and it ends up being a very tall teenage girl around 13-14yrs old lol, in tow is her lil brother who helps her and her mom and grandma..must be a family thing :)

Anyways she tries once then second time she manages to get the Ram down. After that she starts to shear, and boy does she do a good job. It was great. Remuls looked like a new Ram!

We gave her a $5 tip for doing an awesome job, she told us previous stories of shearing, and how she learned via 4-H on how to shear her own animals.

I was thinking what a great job for her, for the summer and part time work. Most the people that shear around here only do large herds or they are too old now to shear anymore. Its a great business to get into with not only the sheep but the alpacas, and lamas too that belong to hobby farms.

Her mom told me she can clear up to $500 a day! on shearing. Yup I see her college education being paid b4 she even gets out of highschool.

Awesome day. Remulus I know feels soooo much better.

Below b4 Remuls got sheared:

Below after Remuls got sheared:


Susan said...

What a way to make a living. Good for her.

Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Wow, what a difference!!

And a great earning potential for the girl!

Loretta & Amanda said...

I learned how to shear sheep with my children as part of their 4-H market lamb project. I have to say I'm glad I don't have to make a living with it! It was a fun learning experience though :)