Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring is coming

Picture: No thats not a buffalo but he does look like one our ram :) We actually will have someone to shear him this June. My chickens are in the back ground

Finally everything is getting greener at our house, the problem with us getting rain is we are getting a late start on our garden. I am hoping it dosent get too hot but its suppose to be in the 90's all this week...sigh.

We got mostly all are garden in just need to plant some more seeds. We need to call the butcher to take in about 15-20 sheep to get them off the grass so the younger ones will have some for a bit til its time to take them to the butcher too. We are trying to downsize our herd to give our fields a break.

Tom has promised to build me a chicken mobile for the garden it has been a long time dream to raise smaller breeds of chickens just for the heck of it. We plan to keep it near the garden to help out with the bug problem this year since we don't spray this would be a perfect idea. Next pay day I have to start collecting pint jars because hopefully when our garden starts to come in we will be doing a lot of canning.

Today I was thinking about my goat barrels. I really miss her. She was such a difficult goat I always had to tie down her back legs when milking her but once they were tied she was quiet and let me milk her. Once Miranda goes to college I might consider getting another one.

I really need to sell more eggs, or even give some away but havent had the time, there is so much to do I am surprised I am even writing this right now. I guess I just needed the mental break. My sons graduation for cubscouts is coming up this Monday so trying to prepare for that too. Summer is coming around the corner really fast. We will probably get a summer pass at the local pool but I heard thru the grapevine some of my family will be getting a summer pass at Seaworld so we might do that now that my son is older and can swim.

My daughter informed me the other day she found lil pecans forming on the trees. Yah us hopefully it will be another good year for pecans. We wont see them falling till Oct I think. We are debating on getting turkeys or not this year. I know my husband wants to raise them but we wont have anyone to watch them while we are away for a bit on vacation. So we really need to think about it.

Thats it for the update for now...really need to get busy doing other stuff.


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