Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring stocking up

Well with the start of spring here in South Texas we have been busy trying to fill our freezer & shelfs with goodies. My husband got a great deal with our local butcher someone who shot a pig & deer wanted to combine it in sausage meat but never picked up so after 30days he had to sell it & he just asked to cover the cost of his butchering. Y'all might want to try that with yours too, especiallly 30 days after deer season.

We also got a great deal on a cow $2.75 lb for a half of cow. We went in with a few other familys that got the 1/4 deals. I wish we could have gotten the whole. We also filled up our freezer with three lambs that we just grounded the meat up.

I had bought these garlic in bulk at our down town farmers market, well actually my veggie co-op I am in did that so I put them in olive oil this way it will last plus I can use the yummy olive oil later on in my cooking a long with the garlic.

Our Veggie co-op is doing really well. Each week we pitch in $15 she combines it with other familys and we get our share of goodies. She tries to buy stuff we use every day like pototoes, onions, lettuce..etc..

I put in half of my garden bed its been too wet to do anymore. Twenty one tomotoe plants planted a long with onions in between & marigolds to help keep bugs away. On the other side we put in fresh compost from our sheep I put in two cherry tomatoes and have more to go I am thinking lettuce. We also have another completly empty bed filled with rich compost that I need to fill but I need to plan what I want to plant. I guess I better hurry :)

Our fruit orchard is doing really well, the apples, pears, & plums look like we will have a few to harvest this year. Last yr the apples all fell off :( but we did get pears but we picked them too soon in fear of a huge hail storm coming. I also have black berries growing again this year. Last year I got two hehe..hopefully this yr I will get a bit more but still its growing slowler then I thought it would.

I look forward to posting more on here on how things R going in our neck of the woods this coming spring.


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