Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After much thought and discussion my family and I decided to get ourselfs another dog. We decided on the basset hound breed. My husband has always wanted a basset hound and my son just wanted a hound dog so it worked out. I just wanted a nice family dog that wouldnt growl or bite us and keep watch over my family I think we found her in Daisy.

She is sweet and very smart I think its going to work out as her being our family dog. I have heard nothing but good from people that have basset hounds. My chickens have been laying again. At least 40-50 eggs a day even the old hens are laying. I found me another milk host that I can leave the eggs with her. Some of my old customers are with her. I am happy to see some of my old customers come back to me.

Awhile back I was desperate for eggs since my chickens had stopped laying for a few months so I went to a local farm to get some from a guy who claims to have "Free range" well...I think free range means running around the chicken coop but with no grass around the egg has no taste and it was light color not what I was used too.

It was still better then store bought. I still have about half doz left and I have been using it for only cooking. We have been happily eating a lot of omelets. There is hardly any grass out in the field so we need to cull some lambs as many as we can. We have over 23 baby lambs right now we need to make room for too.

Garden is still to wet to work in, we got our truck stuck in it the other day thinking it was dry enough sigh..We need to at least work on our raised beds.

Sorry for jumping around here..I just dont got a lot of time right now


Lauren said...

You're puppy is adorable. I hope you have fun with her. :)

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