Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept is here

Picture: Last big storm we had here had over 3 inches of rain yah us!
Where did time fly? Its already Sept and school is starting and I am not ready! Ack!

I am not so worried because I have gotten most of the things I wanted to get done in and around
the house with the help of my husband, dad and kids so life is looking really good. We got the mulch down for the garden again and I have been slowing pulling down my summer garden and getting ready for the fall garden. Iam behind....go figure.

Well end of August we celebrated our sons 8th birthday and our 20th anniversary. We didnt do anything really really exciting like we wanted too but it was nice and we got to talk a lot which meant the world to me. Son had his birthday at home with his cousins and his pinata that he wanted so bad. We bought him a new and bigger fish tank with some new fish compliments of his grandma from Wash State.

Pecans should be falling soon I am really excited. Home school Co-op should be starting soon I am only teaching one class "Money class" for Tommy and kids his age should be fun. Tomorrow I am going flea marketing with my sisters so I better sign off early here just wanted to let y'all know I am breathing and everyone here on the farm is fine.

5 New kittens addition to our farm ...sigh....anyone want any kitten? :)


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