Sunday, September 14, 2008

Money Class K-3rd

Edited July 16


Two poster boards with money bought at school house locker store
Money stamps stickers I got from Dollar tree for $1 each
Poster boards different colors from Dollar General
Play money I got from Dollar General $1 hated that it didnt nichols


This year I am teaching a money class for K-3rd grade since its a broad range of ages I had to be prepared for kids who knew more then others on this subject. This sort of teaching reminds me of the old school house approach meaning that the teacher had a broad range to teach the kids in the old days; One teacher many age group of kids.

Bingo board: Above picture is my attempt at making a money bingo for basic identifications 1 c 5 c 10 c 25 c $1 $5 $10 and $20 I made cards to go along with it next to the boards as you can see. I made 6 boards each of them have different places where everything is place but each board has the same thing on it. Its not a matter of winning but idenitifying without looking at your neighbors board. I showed them the card the first time around then second time I just called out the money for them to try to find.

When I tried this game it went really, really fast with them both times so was it worth it? I think it was good practice for them this would have been especially good for prek-K

Next week I attempt another bingo game more advance

First week -Hour class actually about 45min because you have to settle down which takes around 5min and 10min to clean up.

Work on pennys-First Day

*I hide 20 pennies around the room and they had to find it and place on the table. (This went really well, the kids loved and and told their moms they loved it)
*We then placed them all on the table and discussed the penny how much its worth, how different they were, how some were older looking then others, how different ones have different dates on it. I brought in a canada looking coin that almost looked like it and told them to see if any of them looked different, they of course found it. I then told them what it was how it looked like a penny but it wasnt. I then showed them the fake pennies we were going to use in its place.

*I also have for the first day a coloring sheet, this went really fast especially for boys they didnt like it very well.

*We did some work sheets they didnt like it much but I know the moms love to see this later and the kids love to show it off. Each semester I buy those plain folders and have the kids color put stickers on it with their names at the end of the semester I give it back to them with their work sheets and they can take home to show other parent/grandparent. (note: I had tried to let them take it home each day their worksheets before but it always ended up on the floor someplace in coop or in their knapsack for ages. This is a lot better)

Identifying a penny sheet from

Money worksheets with pennies from

*I have bought from the teachers store-Carson-Dellosa Publ Poster boards of US COINS I hung this on the board and we discussed it, especially the one that says it takes 5 pennies to make a nichol, two nichols to make a dime etc...

*Playing my homemade bingo game I laminated

*Playing dice game with pennies - Role dice you get that many pennies-when they collect 5
pennies they can turn into bank (My class assistant was the banker) and get 5cents each person takes turns collecting pennies. When they get two 5 cent pieces they can turn it in for 2 dimes etc...till quarter This took a good 30min They boys loved it, the ones that didnt grasp it didnt like it but I have high hopes. It was a good game. We had only gotten to only 25cents. I need to spice it up a bit.

Emergency I will take playdoh in and they can press real pennies into it for fun. (Didnt have time for it but its good to have in future)


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