Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is no one listening?

So I go to my favorite chat haunts and have been reading and I know people try to keep the politics down but no one is talking about preparing for what is sure to come. Is everyone blind? Or just not caring? I think now that gas is a bit below $4 people have stopped panicking.

We are so close to the brink of collasping and everyone is just going about every day life. Its like watching everything in slow motion and you see something coming but everyone is just going slow and not caring.

I know I am wierd hahaha but I am worried when our Treasury Secretary says "God help us all" seeing the huge businesses go down you got to be worried just a tiny bit. No one is talking about it no one is preparing.

We did a lot of gardening today and I am relucant to use any of our can goods I am using everything up in the freezer and fridge stuff that will last. I am trying to get more organized go to sleep earlier get up earlier but its still not helping and tomorrow will be no help.

Tomorrow we do a bit of fun and go to Homeschool day at SeaWorld its always fun to do this I can't wait though I feel guilty like I should be home inventorying instead. I am still not sure what I want to do for my birthday we are short money sigh....and I take my car finally in to see once again if they can fix my air conditioner I wish it would stay fixed because I have to do my transmission next.

We did sit down and talk to the kids about things changing and hubby sat down with me on us getting really back to budgeting just in case things go bad. There are some container lids we are looking into for bulk barrels for flour, sugar might sound extreme to some of you but we think of it this way if nothing happens then we buy in bulk which is frugal and we will have a lot stored up for any emergency.

Well got to run to get to bed early...we are still alive and kicking.


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Sharon in Mississippi said...

Hi Sam:

I'm listening. We share a lot of common values.

Feel free to give me a 'holler anytime you need to let off some steam.

Sending you a big cyber-hugg and warmest best wishes from sunny Mississippi.