Friday, October 16, 2015


If you didn't notice I had on the side a small link section for Prepping, I just added more onto it recently so take a look if your interested mostly basics. My family got into "Preparedness" yrs ago it went along the lines of homesteading it just sort of merged together, hubby always knew about it and was gently leading me to be more prepared, it wasn't until I read the book, "One second after" by William Forstchen that I got really scared that I wasn't prepared enough.

Its about an EMP (Electronic Magnetic pulse) happening in the United States. what if, then I started thinking of all the smaller things that could happen, how really prepared was I? ....breaking down in a car, losing power because of a storm, losing a job, to bigger things that could happen like financial collapse of the USA, earth quake on the west coast, train derailing near us with chemicals that we would have to evacuate etc...

I started inventory what we had, what we needed and started buying, bartering, flea marketing everything else I did a lot of researching. Am I completely done Preparing? Heck no, but I am more prepared now then I was yrs ago. I have a more peace of mind now. A few yrs ago I saw first hand what panicking and no planning could create as the hurricane Rita was coming down on Houston they did a mass evacuation from the city, Cars stalled everywhere, gas ran out along the hwy ways, people got stuck, every store within 10miles of hwy got bought out on most everything, especially water, food, diapers, meds. Every hotel near us was booked, and I do mean even the smaller run down ones were taken up, I just couldn't believe the craziness of it all. 

Prepping has gotten a bad rap thru the years thanks to Doomsday prepper tv show, it has brought some crazy people out in the public eye, but it also opened some eyes so I can't say the show was that bad, we actually learned a few things, plus I know now to say, "We are into preparedness" rather then "We are preppers" I dont know what it is but people understand and are calmer about the first more then the last statement. The movement has taken off especially after Katrina, where there was so many people huddled in that stadium waiting for the government to come help them, FEMA nearly born didnt do so well, big eye opener for many folks, it has become a lesson in history for any one wanting examples of Disaster relief gone bad. 

The Gov even suggest for you to have at least 3 days of food prepared for emergency, I really think they should up that to a pay check worth of food at least. I have heard of so many story's where peoples food stash has helped them when they have lost their jobs for a few months. Being prepared is not stupid, its not being crazy, its smart. Even the boys scouts motto is be prepared. Do you have water in your car? A first aid kit? Does your family know where to go if you lose communication via cell phones? If you lost your job now do you enough food to last you till you can get another? Lights go out in storm do you have candles, lanterns flashlights handy? Do you have extra cash on hand in case you cant access the ATM machines. How prepared are you?

Here is some helpful links to get started you can always buy them locally but if you already have amazon prime you can get free shipping for it.

Favorite freeze dried food I have found is via  My Patriot stupply

Basic first aid: I have found this to be one of the best "Basic" first aid kits out there keep this in your car, diaper bag, office desk.

I have one of these in each of our "Get home bags/Bug out bags" they use these in third world countries to drink water, I recommend researching it but love this straw.

Waterbob for the bathtubs I have two of these, If your pipes might freeze or your water will be turned off while the fix leaks, what ever emergency this waterbob fits in any bathtub which will give you fresh water to drink or at least flush your toilet

Emergency foods for your "Get home bag, Bug out bag or first aid kit" Its good to have around can tolerate extreme temps so you dont have to worry about it spoiling. I have one of these for each of our bags.

If you want more food for longer term try mountain house just in case bucket, its good on price and has some good reviews.

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