Thursday, October 15, 2015


 Hubby and son

We are lucky to have an awesome bartering community near us, once a month or it varies depending on the weather, we meet up and barter stuff we made or any extra stuff we have on our farm with other individuals from all over the San Antonio area.

The Human Path school in San Antonio is the one that sponsors it recently they moved to a down town location which is closet to us to get to now. We have a lot of fun, meet like minded folks, talk, learn, make connections, barter some awesome stuff, herbs, meats, nuts, honey, home made aprons, hats, walking sticks, home made breads, cheeses, tinctures, jellys, salsa's the list goes on.

The art of bartering is lost on some folks its cute to see some new people trying to barter for the first time, I have always thought it was easy but to some folks they get really nervous about it. For now I barter what I think is fair but if it came down to really having to barter for our lively hood I would probably be more skillful on getting the best deal.

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