Sunday, June 19, 2011

Duct tape prom

Well my homeschool daughter was invited by one of her anime friends to his high school prom. She has always liked the movie, "Pretty and pink" so I had always figured she would make her own dress from a thrift store since she is so talented with her sewing, but never did I imagine what she decided to do instead.

Miranda started sewing at a very young age. I wasn't her teacher, I could barely sew on a button instead our homeschool co-op offered a beginning course in sewing then later on more advanced. In highschool I put her in an advanced sewing class for kids interested in becoming fashion desinger's thru San Antonio community schools. Miranda was more interested in flower arranging and running her own business but still she took the course wanting to improve her sewing skills.

After asking my husband for permission to take my daughter her date came back with a flyer he got from school, from the makers of DUCT tape they offered scholarships to any students willing to go to their prom in duct tape and made the top 10. I can tell you even though I was willing for her to buy an old dress & fix up the idea of creating a dress from duct tape was a shocker to me. Yes her whole outfit is made from duct tape!

She showed me previous contest's and what they wore and I warmed up to the idea a bit. She drew up a few pictures decided on a color (duct tape has many colors!) then began to design, cut & sew. Took two weeks for both of them to create their outfits. I will always remember fondly watching H2O (mermaid show) til 1am in the morning helping her cut tape out. I have to admit it wasn't too expensive either.

Her date and her went to the prom I would like to show his picture too but I don't have their permission to do that so I won't; However I will show you the flower she made for him above and hers. He wore mostly black but he did have the same silver and blue colors to match on certain parts of his suit.

She even managed to put her finger nails the same color and her shoes as well. Unfortunately they didn't make the top 10 so they won't be winning any scholarships which was starting at $4000! Each...but it was a great learning experience for them both & everyone at school loved their dress/suit that they asked to take picture with them and of them.

Another plus that day was my niece from California was visiting us. She had just finished cosmetology school so she did her hair and make up for her cousin. That was really sweet of her and she did an awesome job as you can see.

My daughter has grown up to be a beautiful woman I am glad to have taught her the value of a dollar to not be afraid to do and try new things. That will be a night she will always remember I am sure of it.

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absolutely beautiful hair!