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Care packages for Soldiers

When my husband was in the army he lived off of most of our care packages cause he said the Army hired local vendors & the food wasn't good sometimes even making them sick. So between my family & his he lived off our pacakges. Once's I sent him a Mexican feast of taco shells, canned beans, salsa I knew he had the cheese from the MIR kits. Of course word got around & I couldn't find a taco shell for the life of me at the commissary anymore lol

Time's have changed and the care package ideas are great now. I am going to paste some of the ideas down just in case their websites go down & it will be a shame to see it all gone but I will give credit to where credit is due. If you haven't at least sent one care package out to our soldiers this year please consider doing that. If you don't have time to fix one try or or

First and foremost - letters of support & encouragement along with pictures of friends and family. (include your name, address, phone number, & email along with a "what can I send you" note if you want to hear back from them).

Use Priority large boxes that you can request from the post office for free! Has no weight limit so the price is always going to be $12.95 to send. This has a logo for the "Support our Soldiers" & it will go faster the post office person said when they see this logo. Also grab form 2976-A you don't have to list every single item I don't just list all the big items or any liquid like soap.

If you must send food items with other non food items make sure its very well packed. Tape the soap bottles close. I usually put mine in double zip lock bags just incase something leaks. They say if you put something that smells it might make the food smell too ;( ick.

Please check with the soldier on what they request b4 sending stuff they don't need like a video if they don't have a video player or microwave food if they dont have a microwave. Number one thing I see them request so far

2. To go Gatorade & lemonade to go drink mix
3. Beef Jerky
4. Number one snack they request is protein bars or girl scout cookies!

You can do theme boxes too!
Birthday boxes!
Halloween, Christmas, Valatine, Thanksgiving boxes

Remember no PORK products because of the country they are in.

DVDs (recently released pre viewed DVD movies are fine, TV shows on DVD are great too), music CDs, & CD storage books Coffee, coco, tea, hot cider mix (powdered flavored creamer, too) - not liquids Mugs (unbreakable like camping gear is better) Microwaveable non perishable just-add-water foods like soups and mac-n-cheese

Snacks - candy (not too melty), chocolate, trail mix, granola bars, gum, cookies, nuts, popcorn, chips, etc (Entenmann's Products were specifically requested)Slim Jims, jerky, pre cooked vacuum packed meats, & canned chicken - NO pork items Canned fruit (pop top is best - not the ones with foil lids), canned veggies (the kind you would eat.)

Hair brushes deodorant (the guys like Old Spice Red Zone) lotion (body & face) Beanie Babies, etc - for the soldiers to pass out as good will gifts to the local children Room deodorizers/air fresheners and scented candles (nothing too melty)
Nail files & nail clippers (nail polish for the girls)Toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, & floss Hair bands & barrettes for pony tails Razors & shaving cream girls like "Venus" disposable razors, guys like Mach 3 and Mach 3 Turbo Refill blades)

Tampons & pads
Magazines (mostly men's mags, not too old), books, word game books
Playing Cards, board games, chess, checkers, ect.
AA batteries (they have access to all other sizes)
Blank cards, stationery & pens
Baby wipes - for when there's no water
AT&T phone cards for phoning home
Black wool knit caps
Black wool or leather gloves
Black wool socks or insulated boot socks
Black t-shirts (air force)
Brown t-shirts (army/marines)
Black underwear
Foot powder
Shampoo, conditioner, Leave-In Spray conditioner
Twin size sheet sets and pillows

Shower to Shower body powder
Jelly beans
Disposable camera
Rice Krispie treats
Altoids or mints
Beef jerky
Snack mixes
Sunflower seeds
Chewing gum
Long-distance phone cards
Little Debbie’s snacks
Ziploc bags (for keeping things airtight, watertight, and fresher)
Jaw breakers
Poker game
Playing cards
Music CDs
Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Inflatable pillow
Cookies or muffins in individual packages (Big bags often fill with dust if not eaten right away.)
Canned food items
Spices (crushed red pepper), salt, pepper
Smoked oysters and sardines
Squeeze butter
Pringles chips
Individually-wrapped licorice
Microwave popcorn
DVD movies
Ramen noodles
Macaroni & cheese
Disposable shower towels
Olives, pickles, peppers (Be sure to add lots and lots of bubble wrap around these items.)
Cereal bars/granola bars
Microwave pasta that doesn’t need refrigeration
Bed pillows (these were a hit with my nephew!)
Hot cocoa mix
Soup mix
M&M’s (plain or peanut)
Magazines (these don’t have to be brand new)
Koozies to keep water
bottles and cans cool
AA batteries
D size batteries
Air fresheners (…like stick-ups, F’breeze. My personal favorite is Citrus Magic in the pure linen scent.)
Canned air to blow dust out of electronics
Stress relief squeeze balls
Sewing kit
Baby wipes
Board games
Shoe laces for gym shoes and boots
Brown t-shirts
Boot socks
Hand warmers
Inflatable seat cushions
Juice boxes and drink pouches
Ink pens
Notepads of paper
Word Puzzle books
Air activated heat wraps for sore muscles
Foot massager
Icy hot patches
Microwaveable plates, bowls, paper plates
Foot powder
Paperback books
Gift baskets filled with lots of useful items and packaged as a present
Video games (Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Xbox)

Baby Wipes
Phone Cards
Hand Warmers
Foot Warmers
Tooth Brushes
Body Wash
Body Spray
Beef Jerkey
Comic Books
Travel Size Games (chess, checkers)
Deck of Cards
Memory Cards (i.e. PSP's)
Memory Sticks
Suntan Lotion
Non Carbonated Drinks (Propel)
Uniform T-shirts (which can either be ordered on line
from AAFES or bought at the PX)
Pictures From Home
Thumb Tack (to hang the pictures)
Hard Candy
Blue and Black Pens
Fly Paper (some areas where the soldiers live have lots of flies)
A multi-tool or really good folding knife
Sun Glasses
Digital or Disposable Cameras
Travel Size Packets of Laundry Detergent
Powdered Drinks, especially Gatorade
Blank Writable CD's
Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Soduku

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