Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daughter Anime Girl Scout Troop

My daughter is a big fan of Kingdom Hearts video game and Anime stuff so when a friend of a friend decided to start a Girl Scout Anime troop in San Antonio we jumped at the chance to join. I was despertly searching about this time things for my daughter to do to get her busy during her teenage years for socializing.

She had talked about going back to public school but hearing how things were in the public school I knew it would not be a good choice. I felt it was the girl friends she was missing. She had her best friend but she needed to interact with others her age.

It was difficult because she is not into boys as most public school girls her age is, but she loves the anime stuff. Every other week her troop meets and they have met so far for dinner with each other at a chinese restaurant of course and they have gone to two Anime conventions the biggest being here in San Antonio this weekend.

They are having a blast. We had to order her costume from Hong Kong and we were disapointed that the wig did not come in time so we had to spray paint her hair. Daughter says she didnt mind doing it but in future she really hopes not too hehe its very sticky. She was Zexion from Kingdom of hearts she made the book herself. Her best friend was lexaeus.

The Costume was so much we told her we expect her to get married in it someday hehe. It hasnt been cheap but it has been really well worth it. She can be any of the organization she just has to change hairdos and prop.

Hubby and I are very happy that she is having fun with the group and talking to the other moms they were also glad to find other girls into the Anime stuff since this is very odd to some people its not very common. So far they have around 15 girls in the group and it grows each time I talk to the group leader. It has been a postive experience for our daughter.

Doing the Anime stuff has been a learning experience for the moms and dads as well as we have had to watch what they watch, play and read to make sure its for their age.


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