Sunday, November 27, 2016

My DNA family

So awhile back I sent away my DNA sample to ancestry's I was curious, I know I had Mexican/Spanish links but it was actually surprising to see what other DNA links I had as well as surprised I had 54% Native American in me and only 24% percent Spanish. I found out the Native Americans is very vast, so it was hard to link it to any particular Indian tribe, though I do have my maiden last name linked to an Apache Warrior in South Texas. Most the Mexicans come from what I like to call the Old Indian tribes, Aztec, Mayas, etc...its a big mixture. I am currently researching the "Mestizos in Mexico"

African, Greek, Italian, Jewish I am linked to them all, along with it, I am connected to multiple cousins 1st, 2nd 3rd etc...I have always had a large family now its more then I can imagine. Was it worth it, I think so, my mother passed away so I can't do her DNA testing but I did my father so I am hoping with his and comparing to mine I will see what might have been my moms DNA and what I got from her. I was also fascinated that though my siblings might have the same DNA from our parents they might have a less or more percentage of something, for example I had 24% Spanish but my one sister might have 28% and yet another sister might have less 20%.

So you send away for the kit, after about a week it comes in, you spit in it making sure you don't eat or drink anything b4 doing it, mix it with the blue mixture it comes with, seal it up in the prepaid box log online and they will notify you when they receive it and let you know when its being processed mine was about 3-4 weeks.

I plan to do my husbands next then my kids next, they are curious on what percentage they will have from both their parents, this has also made me do more history research on my family, my father and my older aunts and uncle are getting on years, I need to get information from them before they pass away, once they are gone my link to information will be gone as well as them :(

This is important to research this for my kids. Americans are so mixed in our race, their shouldn't even be any racist in our great country since I bet if everyone did this they would be surprised on what they really find out and how mix we really are

If your interested I can get you 10% off plus bless me too

Happy DNA testing.

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