Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bartering/Selling Post

I live near San Antonio Texas: If your wanting to barter or buy- this is the page to see what I have listed. I will do occasional snail mail buys & sells depending on what I have at the time:

Currently I have:

Lamb meat: 2 lbs & 3 lbs boneless Roasts, lamb chops. $8 a pound (will not ship)
Pecans: 1 lb bag $8 a pound $12.35 for shipping min 2 lbs max 7lbs
Honey: Local Texas honey. Half pint jars $5
Homemade Salsa
Eggs: (Seasonal) Will not ship
Turkeys: (Seasonal) Will not ship

Looking to barter: (If you have this)

Pure maple syrup from your trees
Walnuts (not the black & must be shelled too)
Almonds from your trees

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