Thursday, January 27, 2011


I love and live for traditions, I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful man that loves to cook and took the time to study and learn from my mother before she passed away. This is our third year of making tamales without my mother. He did an awesome job of cooking the meat and preparing the masa for it. I was kind of worried that no one would show up from my family most of them want to buy those awful store bought tamales, "They taste ok" they tell me. Who are they fooling? Yuck.
In the end we had a whole table full of volunteers plus always someone comes new to want to learn which is fine with us we could use the help. We buy Mexican pastry's the coffee and hot chocolate flows freely. Us older adults have some wine coolers maybe, we talk, we joke, we make fun of someone who is not spreading the masa on correctly.
Its a good time and we ended up with 75 dozen tamales for the year that we divided up among the volunteers the ones we didn't eat yet :) I hope my family continues wanting to do this some of them gripe each year because its at the end of Christmas & every one's tired. I wonder what would happen if my husband decided not to do this for a few yrs would they get used to those store bought tamales? Would they forget about the fun times as we meet up as a family? This is a tradition I hope we never stop.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That sounds like such fun for the whole family!
I learned to do this about 2 years ago...(2008)before Christmas time. My son in law is Mexican-American and his Mom taught me to do it. That was my only time-- I'd like to do it again. I never thought about doing it to stock the freezer. We gave ours as Christmas presents! I've not had a lot in my freezer for any length of time. Do they freeze well and LAST? I might do some while it is still chili outside. I know it isn't too costly if you buy meat on sale.
Thanks for showing this. I love reading your past posts. I'm trying to make some more frugal changes.
This is becoming a book.
I'll be reading more!

Sam said...

Yes we freeze them, they are good for months! Glad you have a chance to make them too they are such fun to make :)