Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Year of trying to lose weight

Well I had seen a picture of me from my uncles camera the other day and I was in shock and almost turned to tears. I looked horrible sideways. You might say well most people look horrible sideways :) well.... Most people think they are overweight when they are not. I know for a fact by looking at my weight, heights that I am over the healthy limit is a nice way to put it.

So starting Tuesday I started to exercise at the gym again and I bought some healthy foods, snacks for us at home. I made mini bags of snacks which is shown above. Some bags have low cal yogurt pretzel, low cal figs, rice cakes. I did over 10,000 steps yesterday I was going to do some home exercise but I was just really sore.

I looked up my old email address and found an old place I used to go for weight loss stuff. Its really improved through the years its called "Sparks Page" I can add my weight, food, exercise logs into it. The best part is its Free!
This morning I walked with my sister and did over 5000 steps. I have to do 10,000 to maintain my weight and if I want to lose I need to go over 10,000.
Wish me luck

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BlessedUtopia said...

I'm right there w/ ya sister!! Good luck!!!!